Um Rashid

Helping People in Need - Food Aid program

Eight small children, abandoned by their father at a time when they were in dire need of the care of both parents. He left them alone with their mother – the sole breadwinner – to face the difficulties and struggles of life. Um Rashid endured what very few could, raising her children well and supporting them with only the grace of God to help her.

Eight children, of whom the eldest is Aya, 15, and the youngest is two-year-old Marwan, while the middle child Abdullah suffers from Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP), whose treatment his mother cannot afford. In addition to working from home to provide a decent living for her children, Um Rashid depends on the assistance of Good Samaritans.

Um Rashid and her children live in an almost uninhabitable home that is in no way suitable for a decent living, alongside numerous other disadvantaged people living a hard life.

To ease their burden, and as part of its vision and responsibility towards supporting disadvantaged families in need, TUA endorsed Um Rashid’s family in the Sustainable Food Aid program, delivering monthly food parcels to them throughout the year. Now Um Rashid has enough to feed her eight children, so that they may live the childhood they deserve, without feeling inferior to their peers.