Protection from Sexual Exploitation, and Abuse

Tkiyet Um Ali has a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual harassment, exploitation, and abuse. Tkiyet Um Ali believes all people have a right to live their lives free from sexual violence and any abuse of power regardless of age, gender, disability, religion or ethnic origin.

Tkiyet Um Ali will not tolerate its employees, volunteers, consultants, beneficiaries, partners or any other representative associated with the delivery of its work carrying out any form of sexual harassment, sexual exploitation or sexual abuse. Tkiyet Um Ali commits to supporting survivors, improving safeguarding capacity, reporting, investigating, responding to, and preventing sexual harassment and sexual exploitation and abuse.

Whether you witnessed or experienced sexual harassment, exploitation, and abuse, you can submit a complaint through this form. 

Complainant Information
Victim Information (If Different from Complainant)
Incident(s) Information
Accused Person Information
General Information
Have the Police Been Contacted By the Victim?
If no, does the victim want police assistance?
Agency Receiving Complaint
Referral to Agency of Concern PSEA Focal Point
All Information Will Be Held Securely and Handled Strictly in Line with Applicable Reporting and Investigation Process

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