Chairperson of the Board & General Assembly



2020 was an exceptional year. One that was full of challenges, but also a year of achievements. It was accompanied by detrimental events that have affected communities everywhere, and as a result, the most vulnerable have suffered the most. Yet, it was also the year when we were touched by the brighter aspects that light up our lives, and the many acts of kindness and helpful hands that were extended to help those most affected.

Like so many organisations, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused Tkiyet Um Ali to alter its response and change the mechanism of its service delivery. This would not have been possible without our hardworking team and the agility of our operations, which have enabled us to adapt to the changing circumstances and meet the growing needs of our beneficiaries.

The COVID-19 pandemic provoked an unprecedented lockdown in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and Tkiyet Um Ali was at the forefront of our nation’s response, mobilising rapidly to deliver urgent food assistance to families in need, while at the same time responding to an unprecedented number of new requests for support. Last year, Tkiyet Um Ali delivered 322,453 food parcels to families in need, and to those who were most affected by the pandemic, and it also served 71,392 hot lunch and Iftar meals, which were delivered directly to the beneficiaries’ homes across the Kingdom.

Our deepest gratitude goes to our donors and supporters for their trust in Tkiyet Um Ali, as their donations have formed the foundation of our food support to our endorsed families, including widows, orphans, sick and elderly people, at the time when it was most needed. Together, we made great strides towards our goal not to give up on any person in need, and with your support, we continue to help underprivileged families with full commitment to our values of responsibility, equality and compassion.

I have always believed that an exceptional team is the foundation of success, and the pandemic has proved this more than ever. Throughout the pandemic and the tough times that have affected everyone, our team has worked tirelessly, focusing entirely on helping the neediest of our population. Thank you all for your commitment and dedication.

Similarly, a word of sincere gratitude and appreciation for the efforts of the members of our Board of Directors, who were actively involved in supporting the organisation and the beneficiaries while overseeing the various operations of Tkiyet Um Ali.

As Tkiyet Um Ali continues to work on providing nutritional assistance to the neediest and most vulnerable, we are ready to face any challenges that the upcoming years may bring, and continue to be agents of humanity. Whatever new challenges may arise, together we can and will overcome them.



Haya Bint Al Hussein

Chairperson of the Board of Directors


Members of the Board of Directors and the General Assembly

Members of the Board of Directors 

H.E. Taher Nashat Masri First Vice Chairman

Mr. Ala’ Khalifeh     

Second Vice Chairman
H.E. Dr. Abdullah Toukan

Mr. Ali King Shukri

Mr. Laith Al-Qasem
Mr. Khalid Zakaria
H.E. Suzan Abd Al Majeed Afaneh - Board Member
Mr. "Shadi Ramzi" Abd Al Salam Majali - Board Member

General Assembly

H.E. Mr. Zeid Goussous
H.E Mr. Ayman Hatahet
H.E Mrs. Suhair Al-Ali

Mr. Yousef Madi

Mrs. Rania Omeish

Mr. Ghassan Boundakji

Mr. Nidal Eses
Mr. "Saif-Eslam" AlSharif
Mrs. Maha ElAsir
Mr. Nader Horani
Mr. Tareq Abu-Lughod
Mr. Othman Bdeir
Mr. Sa’ad Aldeen Alzumaili
Mr. AlMuthanna Nabulsi
Mr. Yassin Talhouni
Mr. Tareq Al-Ansari