Chairperson of the Board & General Assembly


Dear friends and supporters,

I founded Tkiyet Um Ali in 2003 to provide sustainable food support and humanitarian food aid to Jordan's underprivileged. It was created in memory of my late mother, Her Majesty Queen Alia, whose humanitarian work remains one of my greatest inspirations. Today, after 16 years of providing nutritional needs to the neediest and the most vulnerable in our country, Tkiyet Um Ali continues in its pursuit of its vision to reach a hunger-free Jordan.

We look to the future with hope and enthusiasm, steadfast in our commitment to making Tkiyet Um Ali a shining beacon of hope and a bright spot in the lives of thousands of families. As we continue to feed more than 76,000 children and 38,000 women, and nearly 28,000 sick and elderly people, we are cognizant that our work provides its beneficiaries with more than just food.

I am so proud of our accomplishments, and the progress we made in 2019, as we expanded our operations and provided emergency food parcels, reaching an additional 10,000 families, above the existing 30,000 endorsed families, and more than 396,000 food parcels that are distributed annually. By year’s end, Tkiyet Um Ali had also served over 85,000 daily lunches and 89,000 Iftar meals.

We value and appreciate the generous donations from our committed corporate and individual partners living in Jordan and abroad, which is a testimony that Tkiyet Um Ali continues to enjoy the trust of its donors, as it stands as a shining example of Jordanians helping their fellow Jordanians.

In 2019, we were shocked and saddened by the tragic loss of one of our dedicated members of the Board of Directors, Nasif Khoury. Nasif’s valuable contributions to support the work of Tkiyet Um Ali, and my other initiatives – will undoubtedly be remembered, and our deepest condolences are extended to Nasif’s family and to the wider TUA family.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to the honourable members of our Board of Directors for their committed service and guidance. Appreciation is also due for the dedicated staff of Tkiyet Um Ali, for their sincere work and tireless efforts, as they continuously contribute to the transformation of our plans into reality. In addition to the work of our wonderful volunteers who continue to inspire us with their contributions and support to our daily operations, and for which we are truly thankful.

Hand in hand, we can make a difference in the lives of our Jordanian brothers and sisters, as we strive to reach our goal of a huger-free Jordan. While Tkiyet Um Ali’s interventions will continue to adapt to upcoming challenges each year brings, we also have ambitious goals for 2020, which are founded on our past achievements and strengths acquired over the past years.

Haya Bint Al Hussein

Chairperson of the Board of Directors


Members of the Board of Directors and the General Assembly

Members of the Board of Directors 

H.E. Taher Nashat Masri First Vice Chairman

Mr. Ala’ Khalifeh     

Second Vice Chairman
H.E. Dr. Abdullah Toukan

Mr. Ali King Shukri

Mr. Laith Al-Qasem
Mr. Khalid Zakaria
H.E. Suzan Abd Al Majeed Afaneh - Board Member
Mr. "Shadi Ramzi" Abd Al Salam Majali - Board Member

General Assembly

H.E. Dr. Fayez Al-Tarawneh
H.E. Mr. Zeid Goussous
H.E Mr. Ayman Hatahet
H.E Mrs. Suhair Al-Ali

Mr. Yousef Madi

Mrs. Rania Omeish

Mr. Ghassan Boundakji

Mr. Nidal Eses
Mr. "Saif-Eslam" AlSharif
Mrs. Maha ElAsir
Mr. Nader Horani
Mr. Tareq Abu-Lughod
Mr. Othman Bdeir
Mr. Sa’ad Aldeen Alzumaili
Mr. AlMuthanna Nabulsi
Mr. Yassin Talhouni
Mr. Tareq Al-Ansari