Volunteer ... Be The Change
174 Volunteers Participate


Volunteer work at Tkiyet Um Ali is considered a fundamental pillar for building a system of social solidarity, and it is a human practice that closely portrays Tkiyet Um Ali’s vision and efforts to eliminate food poverty in Jordan. Tkiyet Um Ali receives volunteer applications from a wide spectrum of entities representing the Jordanian society, both on organizational and individual levels throughout the year to participate in our volunteer programs, including Office Works, Logistic Works, and Promotional Works

Volunteering Conditions

  1. Volunteers should be at least 18 years old. Minors must be accompanied by a parent and can only take part in serving food
  2. Volunteers should not suffer from a chronic disease that may prevent them from continuing the volunteering program
  3. Volunteers should not offer any financial or in-kind assistance to families during field visits
  4. Volunteers should arrive to the location at the designated time
  5. Volunteers should not leave the visited location without coordinating with Tkiyet Um Ali’s staff members
  6. Volunteers should wear decent clothes that are appropriate to the visited region. While taking part of the program, they should wear the T-shirts provided by Tkiyet Um Ali and avoid wearing valuables
  7. Volunteers should not smoke inside the visited houses, associations or warehouses
  8. Volunteers should not undertake any action nor speak words offensive to the dignity or feelings of beneficiaries
  9. Volunteers should not take pictures of the faces of individuals benefiting from the programs of Tkiyet Um Ali, nor of the visited houses or warehouses

Required information

Have you participated volunteered with Tkiyet Um Ali in the past 3 years?