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About Volunteering

Stemming from TUA’s belief in the importance of spreading awareness about food poverty and to enhance social solidarity that plays an instrumental and influential part in achieving TUA’s goals that evolved since its launch more than 15 years ago, TUA welcomes dedicated volunteers striving to help from all over the Kingdom.
Since its launch, TUA welcomed more than 40,886 volunteers from the various sectors and age groups. And as the number of volunteers increased, TUA increased the volunteering programmes, with a current total of 12 volunteering programmes focusing on supporting the community in general and TUA's endorsed families in specific, preserving human dignity.


  1. Volunteers should be at least 18 years old. Minors must be accompanied by a parent and can only take part in serving food
  2. Volunteers should not suffer from a chronic disease that may prevent them from continuing the volunteering program
  3. Volunteers should not offer any financial or in-kind assistance to families during field visits
  4. Volunteers should arrive to the location at the designated time
  5. Volunteers should not leave the visited location without coordinating with Tkiyet Um Ali’s staff members
  6. Volunteers should wear decent clothes that are appropriate to the visited region. While taking part of the program, they should wear the T-shirts provided by Tkiyet Um Ali and avoid wearing valuables
  7. Volunteers should not smoke inside the visited houses, associations or warehouses
  8. Volunteers should not undertake any action nor speak words offensive to the dignity or feelings of beneficiaries
  9. Volunteers should not take pictures of the faces of individuals benefiting from the programs of Tkiyet Um Ali, nor of the visited houses or w

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