Eradicating Hunger Project

About The Project

Initiated as part of Tkiyet Um Ali’s board of Directors’ vision to reach all households living in extreme poverty, the ‘Eradicating Hunger Project’ was set in place in 2013. Following the preparation of an ambitious and well-thought-out plan, TUA defined the objectives of its project as follows:


  1. To accurately identify households living in extreme poverty according to a scientific methodology that covers all areas across the Kingdom, focusing on the poorest areas, where the rate of food insecurity is high.
  2. To channel sustainable food aid to those households according to Tkiyet Um Ali’s eligibility standards and criteria.
  3. To build a comprehensive, reliable, and updated database on households assessed by Tkiyet Um Ali.
  4. To produce a digital map that includes beneficiary households by geographic distribution and characteristics.


First phase

Launch Date: 2013

Objective: To reach most households living below the food poverty line.


  • Surveying 54,102 families in all governorates of the Kingdom
  • Adopting families in 89 districts and districts in all governorates of the Kingdom
  • Adopting 187 partner associations
  • Delivering sustainable food support to 18,300 families per month



Launch Date: 2017

Objective: To reach 12,000 more families by the end of 2017.

Highlights: Providing food support to 30,000 needy families in all governorates of the Kingdom

  • ​​26% Amman
  • 17% Zarqa
  • 16% Madaba
  • 41% other governorates
  • Signing 38 new partnerships with local entities.
  • Qualifying the partner entities and providing them with their requirements so that they can provide the best service.


Family Endorsement Criteria: 

  • Families with a net monthly income of 14 JOD or less per capita.
  • Families that don't have any kind of real estate. (or real estate within specific criteria.)
  • Families that don't have male members over 18 years old who are able to work and are not working unless they are receiving their education.

* Households that meet TUA's criteria generally comprise children, orphans, elderly, and people with special needs, individuals suffering from incurable or chronic diseases, divorcees and widows.

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