Tkiyet Um Ali Launches its 2020 Awareness Campaign Under the Slogan “Don’t Leave Them in the Shadow”

3 Feb 2020

Tkiyet Um Ali launched its 2020 Awareness campaign with the slogan “Don’t Leave Them in the Shadows” in an aim to raise awareness about families who live in extreme poverty across the Kingdom.

The campaign focuses on social solidarity through highlighting Tkiyet Um Ali’s Family Sponsorship Program, which enables donors to sponsor a family in need with its daily food on a monthly basis. All endorsed families are categorized according to the number of its family members,. The food parcels are categorized as A, B, C, & D. Category A has been designed for a family of  8 members or member and category B has been designed for a family of  6-7 members, while a category C has been designed for a family of 3-5 members and a category D is for a family of 1-2 members.

A food parcel of a category that is correspondent to the sponsored family’s category is delivered on a monthly basis to each family to secure its nutritional needs for an entire month. Where donors can donate 70, 50, 30, or 15 JOD per month to sponsor a family of category A, B, C or D respectively.       “We are shedding the light on 30,000 families who live in extreme poverty in all Kingdom’s governorates. Tkiyet Um Ali reaches out to these families and supports them with their daily food year-round” Tkiyet Um Ali’s Director General Samer Balkar commented on the campaign’s launch.