5 Ways to Give Back to the Community

5 Jan 2023
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Do you want to help others and have a positive influence on your society? Are you looking for ways to give back to the community? If so, you’re in the right place! This article will discover various ways to give back to the community, showing you that you can help and give to others no matter the place, time, and budget you have.

There are many ways to make the world a better place for those around you, including Tkiyet Um Ali’s beneficiary families.

! Continue reading to discover all these means and more.


5 Ways to Give Back to Society


Every community faces a set of challenges, and you can become part of the solution! Be an active member of your community and help out in the ways you know benefit it the most; this includes older adults, children, families in need, and even the environment!

Below are seven ways you can give back to the community:


   1. Support Local Farmers


Chances are you have a local farmers’ market somewhere in the neighborhood, city, or town. As its name suggests, this market brings local farmers together so they sell the vegetables and fruits grown on their land. And at a time of environmental and climate challenges, in addition to the rising prices of the resources used in agriculture, it is a great idea to shop from this local market!

Not only will you get the freshest ingredients, but your money will go to the local people in need of support. Instead of buying fruits and vegetables imported from other countries, enjoy the ride to the local market, and make it a habit to support local farmers.


   2. Donate Blood


People tend to ask for blood donors online through groups and pages, where they know the word can get through the local community quickly and therefore help their relatives, friends, and loved ones in need of blood. So, if you ever come across these posts, you can donate blood and help those struggling.

Remember that you do not need to wait for these posts to appear on your feed to help others! You can go over to the nearest hospital and check in with the healthcare staff in blood banks, where you can donate blood straight away for patients.


   3. Donate to Local Charities


One of the many ways to give back to the community is by donating to local charities. Each charity supports specific causes and works towards certain goals. Do some research on the local community charities, their goals, and causes, and donate to those you resonate with or the charities that need the most financial support. These charities can be concerned with different causes such as meals for seniors, children’s rights, hunger, education, economic empowerment, and so on.


   4. Host a Fridge


Give back to society by hosting a fridge at the local supermarket or the neighborhood’s mosque. You can fill it with dairy products, water, fruits, and other goods. Next to it, you can set up baskets with other products, such as bread, rice, and flour. The goods in these baskets and the fridge are free, and anyone in need can grab whatever they’re lacking at home.

The great thing about this idea is that other locals can add products and goods for others to take. In other words, this will encourage people to give back to the community alongside you!


   5. Donate Clothes


Donating clothes is extremely important in the colder seasons since many families cannot afford coats, jackets, sweaters, and boots for fall and winter. You can donate these items to people in need, either personally or through charities. Additionally, you can donate heavy blankets and heaters to keep everyone around you warm.


So, before you search for local charities and non-profit organizations, let us introduce you to Tkiyet Um Ali, to which you can donate money to help feed people and children in need.


Get Involved in Your Community with Tkiyet Um Ali


Tkiyet Um Ali is an organization based in Amman, Jordan, aiming to reach a hunger-free Jordan through its sustainable feeding programs. The monthly food parcels program, the wayfarer program for daily hot meals, the Zakat program, and more, all welcome and encourage donations to help families living under poverty and struggling with a lack of food and poor nutrition.


In addition to these programs, you can donate heaters, blankets, and jackets through the Dafa Campaign. Make a change and give back to the community by donating to Tkieyt Um Ali now. Are you interested in other programs? Discover Tkiyet Um Ali programs to learn more!