Local Meat

4,054 Families Benefit from the Local Adahi Meat Distributed During Eid Al-Adha

Tkiyet Um Ali distributed local Adahi meat  which it performed behalf of its donors in Eid Al-Adha to 4,054 families in need in Amman, Irbid, Madaba, Zarqa’a, Aqaba, Balqa’a, and Al-Salt.  
At the end of every month, TUA also preforms Dhabihah, Aqiqah, Fadu, and Nither on behalf of donors, and distributes the fresh meat to its endorsed families. 
Adahi meat is distributed to beneficiary families throughout the year.

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Tkiyet Um Ali Holds Eid Al-Adha Celebration with Children from its Beneficiary Families

Tkiyet Um Ali celebrated the first day of Eid Al-Adha with 100 children from TUA’s endorsed families through an event that was held at its headquarters in Amman.
The event which aimed at spreading happiness and joy among beneficiary children, included several interactive games, magic shows, face painting activities, in addition to distributing Eid gifts that were presented by Kenzi Online. 

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Tkiyet Um Ali, Dar Abu Abdullah and the University of Jordan Launch their 1st Strategic Partnership Initiatives

The University of Jordan hosted the ceremony of launching its 1st strategic partnership initiatives with Tkiyet Um Ali and Dar Abu Abdullah. 

The ceremony that was held on July 30th started with the first imitative which was launched under the name “Tamkeen”, aiming to involve university professors in providing needed trainings for DAA’s beneficiaries. 

The university students launched another initiative under the name “Le Nafrah Ma’an”, aiming at focusing on the psychological health and its significance on the beneficiaries and their children. 

Finally, the ceremony ended with a march led by the Jordan Armed Forces - Arab Army (JAF) Musical Band. 

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200 Volunteers Participate in Tkiyet Um Ali’s Volunteering Programs During the Month of July

As part of their commitment towards social responsibility and its positive effect on the society, 200 volunteers participated in Tkiyet Um Ali’s volunteering programs during the month of July. 
The programs varied between food parcels’ packaging to serving hot meals at TUA’s headquarters, renovating beneficiary homes, and visiting elderlies. 

12 volunteering programs are offered at TUA for individual and partner from both public and private sectors.

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Tkiyet Um Ali Announces Volunteers of the Month for July 2019

In recognition of their efforts and contribution in one or more of TUA’s volunteering programs during the month of July, Tkiyet Um Ali announced TUA’s Volunteers of the Month for the month of July.
According to the program’s selection criteria, Sara Sheikh Qasem was selected for the individual volunteers category, Jordan Ahli Bank was selected for the corporate partners category, University of Jordan and King’s Academy were selected for the education partners category.
Tkiyet Um Ali seeks to involve all members of society in community service by offering 12 volunteering programs providing them with the opportunity to become active members of their community.

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Tkiyet Um Ali Signs New Partnership Agreements with Two from the Private Sector

Tkiyet Um Ali signed partnership agreements with Umniah and Capital Bank with an aim to support TUA’s sustainable food aid programs. 

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