Tkiyet Um Ali Launches its Ramadan Campaign Under the Slogan “Your Zakat Reaches Jordan and Gaza”

16 Mar 2024
ramadan campagin

In conjunction with the arrival of the blessed month of Ramadan and as a demonstration of solidarity and brotherhood between Jordan and Palestine, Tkiyet Um Ali has launched its campaign for the holy month of Ramadan under the slogan "Your Zakat Reaches Jordan and Gaza." With the aim to attract donations towards the Zakat program, which is allocated to food parcels for families endorsed by Tkiyet Um Ali in all Governorates of the Kingdom and affected families in Gaza Strip, according to a fatwa from the Jordanian General Iftaa Department. This campaign also aims to highlight the importance of the continuous support for affected families in Gaza under the current circumstances, by receiving Zakat donations and distributing it in the form of food parcels to affected families in Gaza, in collaboration with Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization and Jordanian Armed Forces, since the attack on Gaza Tkiyet Um Ali has been delivering food parcels to the effected families and by more than 13,000 food parcels were delivered to Gaza Strip.