Tkiyet Um Ali Launches its Ramadan Campaign under the Slogan “With your Zakat Donations, We Feed the Neediest”

4 May 2021
Tkiyet Um Ali Ramadan Campaign 2021

Tkiyet Um Ali launched its Ramadan campaign under the slogan "With your Zakat Donations, We Feed the Neediest", the campaign aims at attracting zakat donations towards the Monthly Food Parcels Program, as Tkiyet Um Ali receives these donations according to a Fatwa issued by the Jordanian General Iftaa’ Department.

This campaign also aims to highlight the impact of Zakat donations on the families who receive monthly food parcels that contain 19 food items sufficient to prepare the suhoor and Iftar meals throughout the holy month of Ramadan and to prepare three meals a day in the remaining months the year.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic and since the outbreak of the virus has started, Tkiyet Um Ali has replaced the Mawa'ed Al-Rahman Program with distributing hot Iftar meals to the houses of families in need in different governorates in the Kingdom. Each Iftar meal contains chicken, rice, sauce, fruit, and one type of sweets in addition to water and dates.

This comes after obtaining all the necessary approvals while all staff members are in full compliance with all recommended preventive and precautionary procedures; including full sterilization of clothes and vehicles, wearing personal protective equipment such as headcovers and masks, and leaving a distance of not less than two meters between people.