Tkiyet Um Ali Launches its Campaign for the of Ramadan

9 Apr 2023

March - Amman


Tkiyet Um Ali launched its campaign for the holy month of Ramadan under the slogan "Your Zakat Completes the charity Equation", with an aim to attract Zakat donations, and help provide monthly food parcels for families in need, according to a fatwa from the Jordanian General Iftaa Department.


This campaign also aims at highlighting Tkiyet Um Ali’s sustainable support for 20,000 endorsed families across the Kingdom, during Ramadan and all year-long, as monthly food parcels arrive to these families that include 19 food items enough to prepare Suhoor and Iftar meals in Ramadan and to prepare 3 meals a day year-round.


Tkiyet Um Ali will also hold its annual Mawae’d Al-Rahman at its headquarters in Amman, where it will provide fasting people with an Iftar meal containing chicken or meat, rice, sauce, bread, a fruit, and a dessert.

Tkiyet Um Ali will also distribute approximately 30,000 Iftar meals to the families need in different governorates across the Kingdom in cooperation with the Tkiyet Um Ali’s partner associations


The campaign will also include the distribution of monthly food parcels to the endorsed families, and the distribution of zakat al-Fitr at the end of the holy month, with an aim to support families in need in all governorates.