Tkiyet Um Ali Launches its Awareness Campaign under the Title "With Your Support, We Continue"

15 Feb 2021
Tkiyet Um Ali Launches its Awareness Campaign under the Title "With Your Support, We Continue"

Tkiyet Um Ali launched its awareness campaign for 2021 under the title "With Your Support, We Continue", with an aim to shed light on the Tkiyet Um Ali’s role in providing sustainable food aid to families in need in all governorates of the Kingdom.


The awareness campaign this year focuses on Tkiyet Um Ali's mission of eradicating hunger and malnutrition by delivering donor support to citizens who live in extreme poverty through sustainable, healthy food programs. The campaign also highlights the important role that donors play and their significant impact in supporting Tkiyet Um Ali’s programs, as Tkiyet Um Ali disburses 100% of donations to its food aid programs without deducting any operational or administrative expenses.


The campaign‘s main objective is to attract donations to its Family Sponsorship Program and Monthly Food Parcels Program.


Since its establishment in 2003, Tkiyet Um Ali has been providing food parcels that contain food items that are sufficient for the family to prepare three meals a day for a whole month.


These parcels are delivered to families in need after following a scientific methodology and in accordance with specific standards that are effectively implemented within a clear framework of governance to guarantees transparency, accountability and delivering food aid to those in need.


Commenting on the campaign, Tkiyet Um Ali’s Director General, Samer Balkar, said: “We are proud of our accomplishment during 2020 in distributing more than 322,000 food parcels to underprivileged families. This year, we highlight the value of Tkiyet Um Ali’s charitable work in supporting the most vulnerable families towards food insecurity and help them become food secure.”


"Tkiyet Um Ali programs are sustainable, year-round, and for this reason, Tkiyet Um Ali is committed to providing food parcels to its endorsed families across the Kingdom." He added.


"All of Tkiyet Um Ali’s beneficiary families are food insecure and the most vulnerable towards food insecurity, who live in extreme poverty; making them the most affected during Covid-19 pandemic." He concluded.


Tkiyet Um Ali is a non-governmental and non-profit organization established in 2003 and aims to combat food poverty in Jordan. Tkiyet Um Ali delivers sustainable food aid to families that live in extreme poverty across Jordan’s 12 governorates, where it distributes food parcels on a monthly basis to families in need that contain food items that suffice a family’s nutritional needs for an entire month.