Tkiyet Um Ali Continues to Deliver Food Parcels Straight to Endorsed Families’ Homes as it Continues to Receive Donations Through its Online Platforms

19 Mar 2020

In light of the current conditions and stemming from its mission to eradicate hunger and food poverty through its Sustainable Food Aid programs, Tkiyet Um Ali has started distributing its monthly food parcels straight to the houses of its endorsed families’ making an emergency change to the standard process of distributing food parcels through Tkiyet Um Ali’s partner CBOs. 

This comes after giving Tkiyet Um Ali the official permit to continue its operations during the coronavirus outbreak t, which allows Tkiyet Um Ali to deliver food aid to the neediest families across the Kingdom whether these families are currently benefiting from Tkiyet Um Ali’s Sustainable food aid program or those who are in urgent need for food aid. 

Tkiyet Um Ali has dispatched 25 of its busses to deliver food aid to the  families in all districts across the Kingdom, providing those families with food parcels  containing 24 food commodities enough to prepare 3 meals a day for an entire month, while all staff members are in full compliance with all recommended preventive and precautionary procedure, including sanitizing the vehicles and the uniforms, hand washing, social distancing, in addition to wearing protective gear such as hair nets, gloves and facemasks.