How does Tkiyet Um Ali finance its administrative and operational expenses such as salaries and others?

Operating expenses, such as full-time staff salaries and other things, are covered by an annual special grant from the Chairperson of Tkiyet Um Ali, Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, to ensure that donors’ donations are 100% delivered to Tkiyet Um Ali’s endorsed families.

Is Tkiyet Um Ali a profit organization, private sector, or a governmental organization?

Tkiyet Um Ali is a non-profit, non-governmental charitable association registered with the Jordanian Ministry of Social Development.

Are the items of the food parcel enough for the beneficiary family for a whole month? Are they sufficient to prepare three meals a day?

Yes, the items of the food package are equivalent of 70% of the family's nutritional needs for a whole month and are sufficient to prepare 3 meals a day which is based on a study to ensure that components of the food package are enough to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner meals.

What does Tkiyet Um Ali provide?

Tkiyet Um Ali provides sustainable food aid to families in need in across the Kingdom by providing them with monthly food parcels that contain 19 basic food items meeting the family's nutritional needs for a whole month and sufficient to prepare 3 meals a day.

Who do you help?

Tkiyet Um Ali endorses families that live in extreme poverty across the Kingdom. Families that cannot be rehabilitated or employed of whom are almost 70% children, widows, divorced women, the elderly and people with special needs.

Is there a Fatwa permitting giving the Zakat money in the form of food? And why is it transferred to food? Why it can be distributed to beneficiaries as money?

Yes, there is a Fatwa issued by the Jordanian General Ifta’a Department permitting the giving Zakat money in the form of food because Tkiyet Um Ali is only concerned with combating hunger and undernutrition by providing families in need with monthly food parcels through its Sustainable Food Aid Program and Tkiyrt Um Ali does not provide any financial support.

What is the percentage of Zakat money in Sharia Islamic law and how is it calculated?

2.5% of one’s total wealth accumulated over the year.

What is the net weight of the Udhiyah?

The net weight of the Udhiyah is 18 kg.

Why the Udhiyah donor doesn’t receive any part of the performed Udhiyah?

Tkiyet Um Ali is a charitable organization that receives donations of all kinds and is not authorized to sell meat, as giving a share of the Udhiyah to the donor falls under the service of selling meat, therefore, all parts Adahi and Dhabiha meat are distributed to ensure the benefit of the largest possible number of beneficiary families. Tkiyet Um Ali distributes the Adahi and Dabiha meat to its beneficiary families and the meat suffices the family for a period of one or two months depending on the number of Adahi and Dhabiha that were performed. The beneficiary families receive the meat with their monthly food parcels.

How Tkiyet Um Ali studies the families situations and endorsed them within its monthly food parcels program?

The families benefiting from the monthly food parcels program are studied and approved within precise and internationally approved standards to ensure access to the neediest  families, and the most important of these criteria are:

  • The net income of the individual, after calculating all sources of income and deducting the basic expenses of the family (such as rent, water and electricity bills, a gas jar… etc.) should be 14 dinars or less.
  • The absence of a qualified person who does not work or is not studying
  • The absence of property (except for the house in which the family lives), as the status of that property, its market value, and the income generated from it are taken into consideration.