Benefits of Sadaqah on a Friday

12 Dec 2022

There are various ways for Muslims to get closer to Allah Almighty, one of them being Sadaqah or charity, which has many types. Based on that, the rich give Sadaqah by giving money, the poor by advocating good and forbidding bad, and those knowledgeable give Sadaqah by spreading their knowledge. However, this article will particularly explore the benefits of Sadaqah on a Friday. 


Charity on Fridays: Evidence for Its Significance


Generally speaking, there are many benefits of giving Sadaqah, one of which is increasing and blessing one's wealth. The Prophet (SAW) is reported to have said, “wealth does not diminish by giving Sadaqah (charity). Allah augments the honor of one who forgives; and one who serves another seeking the pleasure of Allah, Allah will exalt him in ranks." Based on that, the benefits of giving Sadaqah on a Friday are great due to the significance of this day in Islam. 


Muslims receive greater benefits of Sadaqah on a Friday whenever they give charity on Friday nights or Fridays, thanks to the day's importance in the Islamic religion. Such as, Ibn al-Qayyim said in “Zad al-Ma’ad,” speaking about Fridays' characteristics: “Charity on Fridays has an advantage and greater reward over the same on all other days. Compared to it on different days of the week, Friday's charity is such as charity during the month of Ramadan in relation to charity during other months. I saw the Sheikh of Islam Ibn Taymiyyahl carrying bread and other goods he had found in his house to give secretly as charity, and I heard him say: "If ِAllah has commanded us to give charity before praying to the Messenger of Allah, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, then giving charity before praying to him is the most important and more deserving of virtues.”


To elaborate more on the benefits of Sadaqah on a Friday, a Shafi’i writes about Friday in “Tuhfat al-Habib ‘ala Sharh al-Khatib" (The Masterpiece of The Beloved on The Explanation of Al-Khatib): "It is recommended to do a lot of charity and good on Friday days and nights, and a lot of praying for the Messenger of Allah, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, on its day and night, as he said: One of your best days is Friday, so increase your prayers for me during Fridays, as they are shown to me."


That said, it is shown that charity on Friday rewards Muslims who give it. 


Benefits of Giving Sadaqah: In Detail 


There are many benefits of giving Sadaqah, such as: 

  • Charity extinguishes the wrath of the Almighty Allah.
  • Charity is a form of medicine to the giver and a means of healing from pains and illnesses. 
  • Charity would protect the doer from Hell if his intentions were purely for the sake of Allah Almighty.
  • Those who give charity have the virtue of the angels as they pray for compensation and blessings from Allah Almighty for the giver.
  • Charity has a door in heaven called the door of charity, through which the people of charity in this world enter.
  • Charity is a reason for increased blessings over one's money.
  • Charity is a reason to alleviate the hardships of the giver.
  • Allah Almighty will shield the giver in His shade on the day when there is no shade but His (the Day of Judgement).
  • Charity makes one generous and gets rid of greediness.
  • Charity relieves distress and eases hardship.
  • Charity erases the giver’s sins.
  • Charity is behind the blessing of rain.


Increasing The Reward of Charity


The benefits of giving Sadaqah on a Friday, or generally at any other time, are granted from Allah Almighty if it is purely for His sake. However, there are cases in which the rewards of Sadaqah get doubled, such as: 


  • Giving charity in secret.
  • Donating when one is on death bed.  
  • Giving charity as soon as acquiring money. 
  • Giving charity for those in extreme need. 
  • Giving charity to someone close or related. 
  • Giving Sadaqah at holy places and during holy times.
  • If the charity is beloved by the giver, its reward and benefits increase.


Charity on Fridays: Give Sadaqah Online 


You can now give Sadaqah online through Tkiyet Um Ali website, as it offers many feeding programs to combat hunger and reach a hunger-free Jordan, in addition to other seasonal programs, helping to provide a decent living for the poor, including, for example, Dafa Campaign

Pay Sadaqah online on Fridays to Tkiyet Um Ali, so it is used to provide sustainable food aid to needy families living all across Jordan.