Tkiyet Um Ali launches its awareness campaign

7 Apr 2023


Tkiyet Um Ali launched its awareness campaign under the Slogan "Enriching their future… through food.

The campaign highlights the role of Tkiyet Um Ali in providing food support and combating hunger and food poverty and support the neediest families in all governorates of the Kingdom, all of whom live below the food poverty line.


While this campaign aims to focus on the impact of the sustainable food support provided by Tkiyet Um Ali through the monthly food parcels program on beneficiary children and the positive impact of food on their health, development, future, education, educational attainment, future and achievement of their dreams and goals through access to healthy, integrated and sustainable food.


This campaign’s objective is to attract donations to Family Sponsorship Program and Monthly Food Parcels Program, which are two of the main feeding programs; While Tkiyet Um Ali delivers monthly food parcels containing enough food for the family to prepare 3 meals a day for a whole month