Tkiyet Um Ali Distributes 322,453 Monthly Food Parcels During 2020

21 Jan 2021
Monthly Food Parcels Distribution

Tkiyet Um Ali announced its 2020 achievements highlighting its feeding programs that affected the lives of its endorsed families who live in extreme poverty across the Kingdom.


Tkiyet Um Ali stated that it has distributed 322,453 monthly food parcels during the year to families who were most affected by the pandemic. Each food parcel contained 19 food items that are sufficient for the family to meet its daily nutritional needs for a whole month Since its establishment in 2003, Tkiyet Um Ali has distributed a total of 2,348,934 to families in need.



In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Tkiyet Um Ali has replaced the Daily Hot Meals Program "Wayfarer Program" which was used to be held at its headquarters in Amman, by distributing and delivering hot meals to the houses of families in need.


Tkiyet Um Ali has also replaced the Mawa'ed Al-Rahman Program during the holy month of Ramadan by distributing hot Iftar meals to the houses of families in need, providing 51,942 Iftar meals during Ramadan.


During Eid al-Adha days, Tkiyet Um Ali performed 22,000 Adahi on behalf of its donors, to be distributed to families in need throughout the year in Jordan, and Palestine.