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Help Us Feed 40,000 Families in Need Across the Kingdom

Tkiyet Um Ali | Food for Life

Together in 2019 towards a hunger-free Jordan

Tkiyet Um Ali’s programs are sustainable throughout the year, and with your help, TUA reaches out to families in need in every province and district in all of the Kingdom’s 12 governorates and provides them with their daily nutritional needs.

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Where Does My Donation Go?

100% of your donations go to beneficiary families. TUA does not deduct any of its administrative costs, salaries or wages from donated amounts.
of your donations go to beneficiary families

Words We Take Pride in

I like the Jello and the juice in the food parcel

Give a Helping Hand to Eradicating Hunger


Your support today impacts the future of thousands of children in need.

Our Programs

As part of the Sustainable Food Aid program, TUA provides sustainable food aid to 40,000 endorsed families living in extreme poverty in all provinces and governorates across the Kingdom.
Feeding Program
volunteering program
Initiated as part of Tkiyet Um Ali’s board of Directors’ vision to reach all households living in extreme poverty, the ‘Eradicating Hunger Project’ was set in place in 2013.
Eradicating Hunger Project
Volunteering Programs
Tkiyet Um Ali seeks to involve all members of society, of different groups, in supporting families facing poverty throughout the Kingdom. Therefore, TUA provides ample opportunities for volunteering through their programs, thus contributing to maintaining their continuity and reaching as many underprivileged families as possible.
Handicrafts Program
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Success story

Eight small children, abandoned by their father at a time when they were in dire need of the care of both parents. He left them alone with their mother – the sole breadwinner – to face the difficulties and struggles of life. Um Rashid endured what very few could, raising her children well and supporting them with only the grace of God to help her.