Ramadan Campaign - 2019

Tkiyet Um Ali Launches its Ramadan Campaign

Tkyiet Um Ali launched its Ramadan campaign titled “With Your Zakat…40,000 Families will have their Iftar on Time".
On a related note, Tkiyet Um Ali served 343,400 fasters through its Mawae’d Al-Rahman held at its headquarters and in different governorates in cooperation with partner CBOs; moreover, Tkiyet Um Ali delivered food parcels to its beneficiary families during the month of Ramadan.

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Ramadan - Food Parcels

Tkiyet Um Ali Distributes 46,634 Food Parcels

During the holy month of Ramadan, Tkiyet Um Ali distributed 46,634 food parcels to its beneficiary families living in extreme poverty. 
Each food parcel contains 24 food item and is sufficient to prepare both Iftar and Suhoor nutritional meals.

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Serve Iftar Ramadan 2019

Tkiyet Um Ali Serves Iftar Meals to 110,130 Fasting People During Ramadan

During the holy month of Ramadan, Tkiyet Um Ali had received 110,130 fasting people at its Mawae’d al-Rahman held at the main headquarters.
In addition to Mawae’d Al-Rahman held in different governorates of the Kingdom in cooperation with TUA’s partner CBOs providing a total of 41,148 Iftar meals. 

Moreover; in cooperation with the Highway Patrol Department – Public Security Directorate was able to provide Ifta meals to drivers during the time of Iftar with a total cost of JD 330,390.

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Volunteer - Ramadan

3,200 Volunteers Participate in Tkiyet Um Ali’s Volunteering Programs During Ramadan

As part of their commitment towards social responsibility and its positive effect on the society, 2,400 volunteers participated in TUA’s -Mawae’d Al-Rahman during the month of Ramadan.

A total of 400 volunteers took part in distributing 2705 food parcels; moreover, 350 volunteers participated in preparing 530 food parcels at TUA’s warehouses in Al Qastal, to later be distributed to beneficiary families across the Kingdom.

50 volunteers also participated in TUA’s Mawae’d Al-Rahman held at partner CBOs, serving 45,000  Iftar meals to fasting people  during the holy month.

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Tkiyet Um Ali Receives GFN’s Certification

Tkiyet Um Ali received the membership of the Global FoodBanking Network (GFN) after a 5 year partnership, TUA was awarded the certificate after a comprehensive audit to verify that Tkiyet Um Ali met all the requirements of this certificate, including its policies, its governance and transparency-based procedures.

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TUA Logo

Tkiyet Um Ali Signs, Renews Partnership Agreements with 19 of its Private Partners

Tkiyet Um Ali signed 5 partnership agreements with ALWADI FOOD, Graphic Supplies Co. \ Graphco, Mahmoudia Motors, The Land International Investment & Real Estate Development Co., and Arab Mining Company in an aim to support TUA’s sustainable food aid programs. 
TUA also renewed its partnership agreements with 14 organizations to support TUA’s vision in reaching a hunger-free Jordan.

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