طنجرة ولقت غطاها


Starting a new life together! Why not consider doing something good?

Leen and Fares decided to start their lives in a very positive way by giving back to their community and they did that by feeding a hunger person and donate 3 JD for each one join their wedding reception.

“There is no better way to start a lifetime together than by giving back to your community. Tkiyet Um Ali helped in making our wishes come true by delivering our contribution to families in need in our beloved Jordan. You can help too with a small gesture that goes a long way.

We chose Tkiyet Um Ali after a tour around the offices with its dedicated, genuine and passionate employees, we understood their operations and learned so much about the large number of families throughout Jordan that are in need. But most importantly, we witnessed the implementation of different ways in which Tkiyet Um Ali helps.” Leen and Fares.

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